Tick Treatment

Tick Treatment

Don’t let ticks ride for free.

There are a few species of ticks commonly found in the United States. Many of these can cause skin irritation, but they can also cause various medical problems for you, your loved ones, and your pets, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain, and spotted fever. Ticks are difficult to control because they live in areas with dense vegetation such as woods or areas with a lot of bushes. Often, an infestation can go unnoticed until it occurs on pets or people. For outdoor spaces, keeping your lawn short, and removing tall weeds can help. Jones Pro Pest Control will assess, treat, and monitor your home and garden to prevent ticks from hanging around. Jones Pro Pest Control technician can perform a tick inspection for your home and garden. In addition to looking for current infestation issues, our expert technician can also look for ideal places that may encourage ticks to hang around, such as heavily wooded areas, tall grass, or even very humid areas.

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