Carpenter Ant Treatment

Carpenter Ant Treatment

We can get carpenter ants out of your house.

There are more than 13,000 species of ants worldwide, including 700 in North America alone. Among these, the carpenter ant is one of the most difficult to control. Any house is vulnerable because it infiltrates through tiny cracks and leaves a chemical trace so that the colony can follow. Carpenter ants can nest anywhere around your home – in the walls and under the floor. Once ants enter your home, they dig into the wood and can cause extreme damage if they are not detected or left untreated for a long time. We offer advanced protection services that help solve carpenter ant problems in your home. Home remedies rarely eliminate ants. If you spot an invasion or want to make sure your home is protected, the experts at Jones Pro Pest Control will perform a free home inspection. We will check for moisture and softwood in areas like windows, fireplaces, sinks, and door frames, where ants like to nest. And, it will help us to identify the entry points that allow ants to sneak inside. 

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